We are a Peruvian company that has its own frozen IQF plant. 19 years of experience in the export of agro-industrial products, covering the local and international market. Our main objective is to seek the satisfaction of the most demanding customers in quality standards.

Today with the purpose of being closer, we open in Madrid – Spain, the first commercial office, which will make the quality of our service more dynamic.


We comply with all the certifications required by the regulatory bodies, both in product (from selection to storage at -20 ° C) and in process, with the qualification “Suitable” for our products to enter all continents: America, Europe , Asia, Africa and Oceania. Through our exporters Mirsa and Rodimac.


America :

Biomac – Argentina
Pingarolo – Argentina
Ben Alimentos – Brazil
Rambel Uruguay Ltda.- Uruguay


Kurt Pijahn – Germany
Schroder KG – Germany
Olivellas – Greece
Congelados Navarra – Spain
Distribuidora Latinoandina – Spain

Asia & Oceania:

Laurent Bakerita – Australia
Green Palace – Kuwait